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FreebieJeebies - 'A legitimate incentives website' The Gadget Show's John Bentley Confirms

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Just in .. an amazing black iPhone 4 32GB using the free cash received from FreebieJeebies!

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The system has been featured on TV channels like BBC Newsnight, CNN, G4TV and NBC.

T3 Magazine have featured FreebieJeebies and The New York Times have featured several articles on affiliate marketing.

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There's no way I could ever have afforded an iPhone 3GS. But I was able to get one without spending a penny! Steve, Cardiff
I can't believe it worked! After just 2 weeks I met the requirements for my free Nintendo Wii which arrived in the post shortly after. Julie, London
A brand new shiny iPod Shuffle was delivered within 10 days of registering. I was very sceptical but anyone can do it. Joe, Somerset
As featured by BBC Newsnight, CNN, G4TV, NBC, T3 Magazine and The New York Times
FreebieJeebies Available Worldwide
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