About FreebieJeebies

Who are they?

They are an affiliate marketing company that give away free gifts to people who trial or buy products and services from affiliated companies via online advertising.

FreebieJeebies was launched in the UK in 2007 and since then they have quickly grown into arguably the best worldwide freebie network out there. They now have 10 website's available in over 40 countries and have given away free gifts totaling nearly £750,000 to freebie hunters from all around the globe.

They were the first network in the UK to allow users to 'roll-over' their referrals. When you order a gift all unused referrals are automatically carried over towards your next free gift.

There's no limit on the amount of free gifts you can receive!

Complete a Free Offer
Refer Friends
Receive a Free Gift

Their promise to you

All gifts are genuine brands
All gifts are brand new
All gifts fully guaranteed
Free delivery included on all items

They offer first class customer support
No time limit to receive your gift
Unused referrals roll over to your next gift

They won't share your personal information
They won't spam you

The real deal

Richard and Alex (as featured in the video opposite) genuinely do care about their customers. They are both incredibly friendly and are always there to help.

We really can't praise them enough, they're not some faceless organisation where the customer is literally just a number and who counts for very little.

They take your privacy very seriously and you will never receive any spam from them.

Their website's

They have 10 website's offering slightly different gifts.

These are Apple, Gadgets, Consoles, Gifts, HDTV, Mobile Phones, Points, Playstation, Select and Sports

Unrivalled support

Service is the most important thing at FreebieJeebies and the support they offer via their online ticketing system is top notch.

So if you have a question or problem they are there to help. Depending on the time of day, it's not unusual to receive a reply within the hour.

Custom orders

With their custom order facility you can get any item you want for free.

On top of all the latest gadgets such as iPod's and game consoles, we've seen people get free beds and even garden sheds.

There's virtually nothing that can't be requested as a free custom gift.

FreebieJeebies car competition

Alex and Richard introduce the latest competition draw. Ben Harris was the lucky winner of a brand new Ford Fiesta or £5000 in cash.

Congratulations to Ben from gettafreebie.co.uk

In the media

FreebieJeebies was featured in two issues of T3 The Gadget Magazine. The issues were entitled 'The Gadget Blaggers Bible' and 'The Greatest Ever Gadget Giveaway' where the articles explained how to get a free Sony SatNav and Playstation 3.

FreebieJeebies has been featured in two recent issues of T3 The Gadget Magazine.

Some useful do's and don'ts

Do give your correct details during registration, it's where your gift will be sent.

Do complete your offer properly. If you keep to the rules. you'll have no problems.

Do read their FAQ's, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Don't try and cheat the system. You will get caught and then not receive your free gift.

Don't sign up more than once on the different FreebieJeebies sites.

Don't use the same computer or internet connection (IP address) to complete an offer under your referral link.

Don't spam your referral link.

As featured by BBC Newsnight, CNN, G4TV, NBC, T3 Magazine and The New York Times
FreebieJeebies Available Worldwide
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