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What is a custom order?

If in the unlikely event you can't find your preferred gift on any of the FreebieJeebies sites, the custom order facility allows you to choose virtually anything you would like for free. This facility is available on several of their sites.

Custom orders are subject to the normal minimal referral requirements of each site. The only real requirement is that your item(s) must be available to buy online.

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You decide exactly what you want

We've heard stories of people requesting a double bed, clothes, shoes, even a garden shed.

So it can really be pretty much anything you need.

How many referrals do I need?

The nature of custom orders make it impossible to say. Every custom order is assessed individually using the calculation method below.

Before any custom order is processed FreebieJeebies will calculate the required referral credits to cover your requested item(s).

You can have a custom order for as little as 2 referrals.

How are the number of referrals calculated?

For physical gifts this is calculated at £20.00* per completed referral, and for cash or Amazon vouchers at £17.00 per completed referral.

For customers living in the USA/Canada, this will be converted into your local currency using the exchange rate at the time of ordering.

* The £20 rate applies for items that include UK VAT in the price, and will include any delivery charges.

How to make a custom order

Login to your FreebieJeebies account.

Go to the 'My Gift' page and scroll down to the Custom Gift section.

If you know exactly what you want click the support link. Alternatively use the gift search if you aren't sure.

Open a support ticket and try to provide as much information as you can.

Include details such as brand names, model numbers, sizes and colour's (if necessary).

Links to an online store where the item can be ordered is also helpful.

FreebieJeebies then send a quote of how many referrals the item(s) would be, and you decide if you want to go ahead with the custom order.

If you proceed with the custom order, your referral balance will update to reflect the required referrals.

Note: FreebieJeebies preferred supplier is Amazon but they can order from other websites as long as the checkout allows the billing/card holder details to be different from the delivery address.

Thanks FreebieJeebies for the free 119 PayPal cash. Jon, Bristol
I can't believe it worked! After just 2 weeks I met the requirements for my free Nintendo Wii which arrived in the post shortly after. Julie, London
There's no way I could ever have afforded an iPhone 3GS. But I was able to get one without spending a penny! Steve, Cardiff
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