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This page has been created to show you recent gadgets, gifts, PayPal payments and Bank Transfers that have been received from FreebieJeebies using the very same system as outlined on the site.

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More PayPal Cash

FreebieJeebies issue another PayPal payment for £153.00.

Another PayPal payment ..

£85.00 of free cash this time from the fabulous FreebieJeebies .

Free iPhone 4 32GB

Not directly from FreebieJeebies this one, but was bought using the free cash received from them.

Another £170 from FreebieJeebies

£170 of free cash from FreebieJeebies via PayPal.

More free cash via PayPal

Another Paypal payment of £102.00 received from FreebieJeebies.

Free cash via PayPal

Paypal payment of £119.00 received from FreebieJeebies.

4GB Black iPod Shuffle

A gorgeous 4GB black iPod Shuffle received totally free from FreebieJeebies.

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Current FreebieJeebies Status

See below to track progress of more freebies on their way.

What does this mean?

The image below shows current account status across the FreebieJeebies sites.

Green numbers show 'Completed' referrals, the purple numbers show 'Pending' referrals and the red numbers indicate the required referrals for the chosen gift.

You can get your own FreebieJeebies account stats at

What a great website. I've just received a brand new iPod Touch for free. They even deliver for free, amazing! Andy, W. Yorkshire
There's no way I could ever have afforded an iPhone 3GS. But I was able to get one without spending a penny! Steve, Cardiff
Thanks FreebieJeebies for the free 119 PayPal cash. Jon, Bristol
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