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Proof it works

If you are in doubt about the whole free gifts thing, see our proof examples below. They should show that not everything is 'too good to be true'.

FreebieJeebies was recently featured on Channel 5 The Gadget Show.

There are also two T3 gadget magazine reviews where FreebieJeebies was trialled and approved.

You'll find photos and videos from FreebieJeebies members who have received their gifts.

It can't be stressed enough. FreebieJeebies is one opportunity you really shouldn't miss out on.


Can thousands of people be wrong?

If you need more proof visit the eXceem, I Got My Free Item! forum where you'll find 20,000 members. They have received free gifts totaling £500,000 using the same method.

Have you been convinced yet?

That's great, the next step is to register. If you're still unsure the links below show how it all works and how to get your free gift.

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FreebieJeebies featured on The Gadget Show

FreebieJeebies 'A legitimate incentives website'

John Bentley from The Gadget Show on Channel 5 confirms that FreebieJeebies is 'A legitimate incentives website'

So there you have it. Don't miss out!

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FreebieJeebies and affiliate marketing in the media

FreebieJeebies was featured in two issues of T3 The Gadget Magazine. The issues were entitled 'The Gadget Blaggers Bible' and 'The Greatest Ever Gadget Giveaway' where the articles explained how to get a free Sony SatNav and Playstation 3.

FreebieJeebies has been featured in two recent issues of T3 The Gadget Magazine.

BBC Newsnight video podcast by Tom Carver

CNN News Hotwired
report with Erica Hill

G4TV interview Rob Jewell of Gratis Internet

NBC Investigates the
Free iPod Scheme

A brand new shiny iPod Shuffle was delivered within 10 days of registering. I was very sceptical but anyone can do it. Joe, Somerset
What a great website. I've just received a brand new iPod Touch for free. They even deliver for free, amazing! Andy, W. Yorkshire
There's no way I could ever have afforded an iPhone 3GS. But I was able to get one without spending a penny! Steve, Cardiff

FreebieJeebies user photos and videos

What a fantastic freebie this is. A 27" Apple iMac from FreebieJeebies. Thanks for sharing James.

What a fantastic freebie this is. A 27" Apple iMac. Thanks for sharing James.

Huge thanks to Digger for sharing a photo of their iPod Touch from FreebieJeebies.

Huge thanks to Digger for sharing a photo of their free iPod Touch.

Another freebie from Digger, this time a Nintendo Wii from FreebieJeebies. Thanks again.

Another freebie from Digger, this time a Nintendo Wii. Thanks again.

Send in your freebie photos or videos and they will be included on this page.

Send in your freebie photos and they will be included on this page.

Dave received a XBox 360 from FreebieJeebies

Tom received a 32" HDTV from FreebieJeebies

As featured by BBC Newsnight, CNN, G4TV, NBC, T3 Magazine and The New York Times
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