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Why would any company want to give away expensive free stuff?

It's all based on an efficient, highly successful and proven method called affiliate marketing. This page shows how they can afford to do it. It also shows that compared to TV, radio and print advertising it's a very cost effective method of generating new customers.

What is affilate marketing?

FreebieJeebies, known as the affiliate marketer is paid a commission by big companies like AA and BT for every new customer they attract using online banner adverts.

After registering with FreebieJeebies you'll be issued with your own unique link. Use this link to refer your own people. It can be included on your website, flyers, business cards etc.

When you refer people via your link, FreebieJeebies use the commission earned to buy your free gift and they keep the remainder for themselves.

Everyone is a winner!

See the example below, where the selected gift is an 4GB iPod Shuffle. It should illustrate how the system is beneficial to all those involved.


How much does it costs them?

What do they get?

Advertising Free Offer Company

The cost of the 3 referrals.
Which is a drop in the ocean when
compared to TV advertising costs.

3 potential new customers who
have tried their service and may
wish to continue after the free trial.
They're happy.

Affiliate Marketer

Commission on 3 x referrals at approx £30 each = £30 profit.
They're happy.



A shiny new iPod Shuffle 4GB.
You're very happy!

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I can't believe it worked! After just 2 weeks I met the requirements for my free Nintendo Wii which arrived in the post shortly after. Julie, London
A brand new shiny iPod Shuffle was delivered within 10 days of registering. I was very sceptical but anyone can do it. Joe, Somerset
What a great website. I've just received a brand new iPod Touch for free. They even deliver for free, amazing! Andy, W. Yorkshire
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